Pete Doherty released from prison

By | Published on Thursday 7 July 2011

Pete Doherty

So, good news for German law enforcers; you can have a crack at locking Pete Doherty up after all. When we said yesterday that the Babyshambler wasn’t due to leave the British jail in which he was serving a sentence for drug possession until August, it turns out he was already back on the streets.

As previously reported, Doherty is wanted in Germany to face charges of “careless intoxication” while a robbery took place at a record shop in the city of Regensburg in March of this year. He says he was drunk and was aware of a window being broken, but claims to have no other recollection of the incident. Being carelessly intoxicated apparently carries a sentence of up to five years in Germany.

Doherty was, of course, sentenced to six months in jail back in Britain in May. He was expected to serve three months of that sentence, taking him up to August, but according to Doherty’s website, he was released on Tuesday. An update was posted to on 5 Jul saying: “On this bright sunny morning Peter was released from prison and thanks everyone for their valued support whilst inside”.