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Physical products still in decline, but decline still declining

By | Published on Wednesday 12 August 2015

Kantar Worldpanel

Got time for a quick dip into recent figures published by retail obsessives Kantar Worldpanel on the state of entertainment retail in the UK?

Sales of physical CDs, DVDs and games are, of course, still in decline, but that decline continues to slow. So, according to Kantar, while physical product sales were down 3% in the last quarter, that compares to a 7% decline in the same period last year.

Certain retailers had a particularly good quarter in the wider entertainment retail space, including Tesco, GAME, Argos and Amazon, though mainly in the gaming and especially DVD space. On the music side, HMV is fairing better than most, hence all its recent bragging.

So basically, while it’s still in terminal decline, for all your talk of streams and on-demand and apps and whatnot, the CD and DVD market is still holding up OK for now.