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Pixies planning new album

By | Published on Wednesday 16 February 2011


Surely the best thing about the Pixies reunion is that they’ve never recorded a new album and have been fairly open about money being a considerable motivation for playing shows together again. But while they all seem on reasonably good terms, the depressing possibility of new material always looms large.

Drummer David Lovering told Billboard this week: “It’s still up in the air. We’ve been talking about [recording a new album] for about three years now, actually. I don’t know if it will come to fruition; I’m waiting and waiting to see what will happen. All I can say is if there is one, it better be good. We’d really have to work at it”.

Guitarist Joey Santiago added: “We’re waiting for that, like, ‘a-ha!’ moment. I’m already there. It’s just a matter of timing and everything aligning. There’s days where I think it could happen and other days I go: ‘The shit’s never gonna happen’. I guess there’s a little pressure from the legacy thing. Sure there is. But I don’t think there’s any preconceived thing that anyone could expect us to do. The possibilities are pretty wide open, I’d say”.

The band are currently on tour playing their ‘Doolittle’ album in full to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Lovering said that after that’s done they’ve “been talking about doing [1988’s] ‘Surfa Rosa’”, though Santiago added that this actually “hasn’t been a discussion point. Maybe we’ll go back to the old-fashioned way and just do a set of songs”.