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P!nk staying with RCA, inks multi-year deal

By | Published on Thursday 6 March 2014


My girl P!nk is to stay at Sony’s RCA Records for a long while, it looks like, given that she renewed her alliance with the label this week by ink!ng an international, multi-year, multi-LP deal.

Speaking in praise of RCA, who released her sixth LP ‘The Truth About Love’ back in 2012, P!nk, real name Alecia Moore, says this via Billboard: “I am super duper excited to continue onwards and upwards with RCA and my team there. We work really well together and they care in a way that artists don’t get to see very often anymore. I look forward to whatever the future holds for us and am so beyond thrilled with how much they believe in me”.

“Woohoo rock n roll!” she then added.

That rock n roll, eh? That rock n roll, it just won’t go away. It might hibernate from time to time, sink back into the swamp. I think the cyclical nature of the universe in which it exists demands that acquiesce to some of its rules. But it’s always waiting there, just around the corner. Ready to make its way back through the sludge and smash through the glass ceiling, looking better than ever. Yeah, that rock n roll, it seems like it’s faded away sometimes, but it will never die. And there’s nothing you can do about it.