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Positive Subversion launches new catalogue migration service

By | Published on Wednesday 6 April 2022

Positive Subversion

Project and label management consultancy Positive Subversion has announced details of a new flat-fee catalogue migration and consolidation service, with the aim of helping artists and labels who are looking for a better solution for managing and distributing their catalogues.

It’s no secret that, in the streaming age, a label’s catalogue is becoming ever more valuable, with older music accounting for a much bigger slice of consumption and revenue as compared to discs and even downloads.

Meanwhile, with shorter term record deals having been available in the indie sector for a while – and becoming more common, even with major label deals – an increasing number of artists are finding themselves back in control of their recordings after a period of time.

There are, of course, various ways for artists and labels to manage and distribute their catalogues, although sometimes weighing up the pros and cons of each option can be tricky, while the logistics involved in changing music distributor can be a challenge. Which means that artists and labels that could be moving to new suppliers that better meet their requirements don’t always do so.

The new service from Positive Subversion – which is a sister company to digital marketing agency Motive Unknown – aims to help artists and labels meet that challenge.

The company’s founder Siofra McComb explains: “For most artists and labels, the majority of their revenue is being driven by their catalogue – for some as much as 80%. And artists might see the rights to their creative works reverting back to them from across different label deals”.

“Finding a better distribution solution for your catalogue is a good way to increase revenue – sometimes by up to 20%”, she adds. “But we found a lot of labels and artists either leaving this extra money on the table, or selling their rights, simply due to the sheer amount of work and headache involved in mapping and migrating a catalogue”.

“We believe artists and labels should be able to retain control over their creative output, while making more money in the process”, she goes on. “By taking the pain out of catalogue migration, we believe we’re offering an invaluable service to the industry”.

Positive Subversion says that, via its new flat-fee service, it can “manage all aspects of a catalogue transfer – from finding the best distribution solution for your catalogue to organising all assets and metadata – making it possible for artists and labels to increase revenue without having to handle the time-consuming work involved in a transfer which some labels simply don’t the time or resources available for”.