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Prince issues takedown notice to Vine

By | Published on Thursday 4 April 2013


While Beyonce is busy uploading six seconds of her music to the internet, Prince, as ever, is busy trying to get short bursts of his own taken off it.

A takedown request published in the Chilling Effects database of DMCA notices that have been submitted to various companies in the US shows that last month Prince’s record label, NPG Records, demanded that six videos on Twitter’s recently acquired Vine service (which allows users to upload six second chunks of video from their iPhones) be removed.

Prince, of course, has always been particularly firm when it comes to blocking unauthorised appearances of his music online – famously issuing a takedown notice on a 29 second video of a baby dancing which his music happened to be playing in the background of, resulting in a lengthy legal battle.

What the eight Vine videos listed in the new takedown notice contained is unknown, as they have already been removed. However, the timing of the notice, sent on 22 Mar, would suggest that they featured footage of Prince’s performance at SXSW on 17 Mar.