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Qrion announces debut album, I Hope It Lasts Forever

By | Published on Wednesday 8 September 2021


Producer Qrion has announced that she will release her debut album, ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’, next month. The first single from it, ‘Your Love’, is out now.

Written in lockdown, the musician – real name Momiji Tsukada – drew on the emotions she felt when moving from Sapporo in Japan to San Francisco, where she now lives. “I connected with my old memories”, she explains. “The feelings of spending time with my dad, the time I lived with my family in Japan, and the small but important moments of my life [when living] in Sapporo”.

“I feel music often creates a bridge to access memorable parts of our lives and in this sense ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’ is a very personal and special album to me”, she continues. “My hope is that my music and this album will also become part of other people’s memories – something that people can carry with them into the future”.

‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’ is out on 29 Oct, and features collaborations with Flownn, Kroy and Mars Kasei.┬áHere’s the single ‘Your Love’: