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Quantic announces new album, Atlantic Oscillations

By | Published on Wednesday 17 April 2019


Quantic has announced that he will release his new album, ‘Atlantic Oscillations’, in June. He’s also released its second single, ‘Motovic Retrograde’.

The album was made after Quantic, aka producer Will Holland, moved to Brooklyn. “This record feels like it grew naturally as I grew to know New York”, he says. “I had started the record with electronic sketches in Ableton but soon found that with my new studio setup I was able to record everything with live musicians. I think that the Quantic sound has always been around making electronic music more natural sounding and including live sounds that make you almost forget its electronic in nature, until something hits you in the face”.

He continues: “On the whole, the common theme on this record is that it is probably more intricate and arranged than previous records. I spent three times as long as any other Quantic record and spent a lot of time in the detail”.

The album is out on 21 Jun and you can catch Quantic live at Phonox in London on 26 May. He’ll then be back for more UK shows in November. Listen to ‘Motovic Retrogade’ here.