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Playlist: Glasvegas

By | Published on Friday 25 February 2011


Following the unlikely crossover sensation that was their eponymous debut album, Glasvegas return with a second offering ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\’, scheduled to come out on 4 Apr through Sony/Columbia.

The album was written and demoed over five months in the distinctly un-Glaswegian setting of a Santa Monica beach house, during which time drummer Caroline McKay elected to leave the band to pursue outside interests. Having returned to the UK with new drummer Jonna Lofgren, the band recruited famed producer Flood (PJ Harvey, U2, The Jesus And Mary Chain) for the recording process.

With a free download of towering new track ‘The World Is Yours’ available for a limited time on their website, Glasvegas have also announced a UK tour to take place later this spring. Meanwhile, new single ‘Euphoria, Take My Hand’ is available for download now, and will be released physically on 28 Mar.

In anticipation of all this, we asked guitarist Rab Allan if he’d kindly put together a Powers Of Ten playlist for us, thereby shedding some light on those artists who have most inspired and influenced him and the band.

Click here to listen to Rab’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his selections.

01 The Bee Gees – You Win Again
I really got into this band when I was in Santa Monica. Real talent. They were ahead of their time. The drum loop on this is great.

02 Cocteau Twins – Fifty-Fifty Clown
In my opinion, the best Scottish album ever made is ‘Heaven Or Las Vegas’. This is one of the best songs on it. Really under rated.

03 Etta James – All I Could Do Is Cry
Every once in a while I hear a song and I believe the person singing it. This was the last great one. Always get a lump in my throat. It’s heavy metal.

04 Pulp – Razzamatazz
When I was sixteen, James tried to get me into Pulp, but I guess I wasn’t ready. Ten years later and they are one of my favourites just now.

05 U2 – Ultraviolet
After playing with U2 in 2009 I gained a lot of respect for them. Not just for being a great band but for still being inspired to make great music. Bono’s lyrics are something that’s never spoken about but if you take the time there’s some crackers.

06 Bruce Springsteen – Brilliant Disguise
I heard this song in Santa Monica and it floored me. I was never a Springsteen fan but after this I was converted.

07 Britney Spears – Toxic
This is pop genius. The production is great. One of her best songs.

08 Shakespeares Sister – Stay
I remember seeing this on Top Of The Pops when I was a kid and being fascinated. Genius song.

09 Visage – Fade To Grey
One night we got caught in a snow storm in Denver. James played this to me and I was outside dancing in the snow. A big influence on the new record for me.

10 OMD – Enola Gay
This is the same as before. Another big influence on the new record. Love the bass line.