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Radio 1 commissions music video comedy show for iPlayer

By | Published on Tuesday 17 July 2018

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 has (only slightly confusingly) commissioned a new telly show for the iPlayer. Titled ‘What iS Music Videos?’ (the weird stylisation of ‘iS’ an intentional part of the title, for some reason), the Beeb reckons that the show will “bring together sketch comedy and music videos for the first time”, which I’m pretty certain isn’t true.

Anyway, the show is presented by ‘The AI Player’ – actor Pippa Haywood with a robot effect on her voice – who will play a selection of the latest music videos and say some made up stuff about them. Sketches will then lie further about how the videos were made. Those will feature Radio 1 presenters, some artists themselves, and comedy actor Will Best, who is better known for his presenting work.

“I’m really excited about bringing a new format to BBC iPlayer that showcases the best of the music Radio 1 plays, but with a comic twist”, says Sam Bailey, Commissioning Editor for Radio 1’s BBC iPlayer channel. “With the AI Player, we’ve stumbled upon a truly remarkable piece of technology – it seems to know absolutely nothing about music, but once you’ve heard its take on the latest hits, you certainly never listen to them in the same way again!”

The show’s co-creator – and Creative Director of its maker Starstruck Media – James Delow adds: “The AI Player never gets anything right, but she’s really enthusiastic. And occasionally defamatory. But nonetheless, we’re THRILLED to be able to present her incoherent ramblings to the Radio 1 iPlayer audience”.

Twelve monthly shows have been commissioned, with the first to appear in early August. I know you’re sitting there thinking this will probably be awful, but you haven’t even watched this clip yet: