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Release Round-Up: Ty Segall, FKA Twigs, Erland & The Carnival, Vito & Druzzi and Deadmau5

By | Published on Wednesday 11 June 2014

FKA Twigs

It’s too late to stop psych-rock ripper Ty Segall from making another LP (not that you’d want to) because he’s already gone and done one. Its name is ‘Manipulator’, it’s coming out via Drag City on 26 Aug, and apparently it’s full to busting with as many guitars as are (super)humanly possible to pack into an album, so make of that what you will.

Its press spiel makes this of it, which might throw a chink of light on things (or not): “Ty’s a fighter who loves, a surfer, a spaceman, and yeah, a casualty – like you, he’ll never be free. But unlike you, he knows it – and when he goes down and his head cracks in two, out pour the multi-colored manias that make up ‘Manipulator'”. Got that? Grand. Entice your mind into the realm of ‘Manipulator’ by watching this teaser now:

Next, alien R&Pop aesthete FKA Twigs (pictured) this week confirmed her hyper-hyped first LP. It is titled ‘LP1’, which makes total sense, and shall be released, XL Recordings willing, via XL imprint Young Turks on 11 Aug. And here’s something to consider; it features not a single track that Twigs has released already, ie nothing off her two EPs, the ingeniously titled ‘EP1’ and, you know it, ‘EP2’.

Since none of the tracks that are actually on the LP have gone online so far, gaze instead at its cover art, created by Jesse Kanda, on this page. And FYI, Twigs is also playing an extremely #rare live date at London’s ICA on 25 Jun.

Folksy pop mods Erland & The Carnival are also in the act of rolling in a new LP, their third, called ‘Closing Time’. “‘Closing Time’ doesn’t mark the beginning of the end; rather it marks an end to permit a new beginning”, ponders lead singer Erland Cooper. “When summer dies it’s to let winter in, then spring opens it up again; it has to happen. It’s enjoyable when you accept that you have a limited time to make things happen to the best of your ability”.

So basically, YOLO, only more sensitively phrased. I like it. ‘Closing Time’, which was laid down in Damon Albarn’s Studio13, lands via Full Time Hobby on 25 Aug. View the video for its Paul Weller-featuring lead single ‘Quiet Love’ here:

From the long-dead embers of The Rapture, who split surreptitiously at some unknown point in the not too distant past, rises a new band named Vito & Druzzi, made up of one-time Rapture-ites Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi.

The pair recently shared ‘snippets’ of all four tracks on their incoming first EP, ‘Moon Temple’, namely A and B-side singles ‘Moon Temple’ and ‘King Of The Jungle’, plus remixes thereof. The EP is released pretty soon-ish, on 30 Jun, via NYC label Throne Of Blood. So save time in the meantime by getting familiar with those snippets here:

Lastly, Deadmau5. What can I say about Deadmau5? Apart from that the world-leading dance DJ is streaming the nine minute final version of ‘Phantoms Can’t Hang’, a new track off his new and terribly-titled LP, ‘while(1<2)’. Not a lot really, so I’ll cut straight to that very track:

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