REM and Tupac added to US Congress’s recordings library

By | Published on Thursday 24 June 2010

Recordings by REM and the late rapper Tupac Shakur are among the latest to be added to the US Library Of Congress’ recordings archive. The Library adds new sound recordings to its collection each year based on nominations by the public and a panel of experts. Recordings must be over ten years old to be considered, and 25 are added each year.

Among the latest additions are Tupac’s 1995 track ‘Dear Mama’, REM’s 1981 song ‘Radio Free Europe’ and other recordings by Little Richard, Patti Smith and Willie Nelson. Spoken word recordings are also included, and Bill Cosby’s comedy album ‘I Started Out As A Child’ are among the new additions.

Shakur is only the third rap act to be added to the Library’s archives, following Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy.