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Resident Advisor launches new governance board to enable “direct community stewardship”

By | Published on Thursday 5 May 2022

Resident Advisor

Electronic music website and ticketing platform Resident Advisor has announced the creation of a new governance board which, it says, will introduce “direct community stewardship” into the business.

Explaining the rationale behind the new governance structure, co-Founder Nick Sabine says: “RA was always set up to be a community-led platform. By including members of the electronic music community whose background and experience is invaluable, we are decentralising the decision making to ensure alignment of RA’s interests with that of the communities we seek to serve”.

The company adds that the restructure “seeks to improve diversity and representation at senior levels within RA while introducing direct community stewardship to RA for the first time, ensuring its interests and priorities are aligned with the needs of the wide breadth of communities that make up the world of electronic music”.

“This change”, it goes on, “also includes more opportunities for feedback from the five million strong community of fans, artists, promoters and industry that use the platform every month”.

Initial membership of the new board will include Sabine and his co-founder Paul Clement, plus DJ, producer and Attica Blues member Tony Nwachukwu; curator, DJ and consultant Lauren Goshinski; and OUTER director and Tresor Berlin curator Carin Abdulá. RA’s Head Of Community Amy Van Baaren will also be on the board to represent staff interests.

New members will be added in the future. Sabine goes on: “We recognise that not all scenes can be represented by only a few people, so overtime we will be expanding community representation in board-level decision making, reflecting the globally interconnected nature of dance music”.

As Sabine and Clement join the new governance board they will also step down as co-CEOs of the company, with COO David Selby taking on the CEO role.