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Rick Ross addresses gang threat gig cancellation claims

By | Published on Wednesday 12 December 2012

Rick Ross

Rick Ross has addressed claims that he cancelled two shows in North Carolina last weekend due to threats from the local chapter of the Gangster Disciples gang.¬†As previously reported, Ross subsequently cancelled all the remaining dates of his current US tour, citing “apparent lack of organisation and communication on the part of the tour promoter”. Despite this, those rumours about the gang threats have continued to circulate.

Speaking about the tour in an interview with Miami radio station 99 Jamz, the rapper said that his latest live trek had originally been due to end on 5 Dec, but that extra dates were subsequently added organised by a different promoter. But he had become concerned about that second promoter’s abilities, especially after a show in Tuson, Arizona was cancelled just hours before Ross and his entourage were due to arrive at the venue.

He explained: “The other day I woke up and realised two more dates had been cancelled, so I just felt like that was some power that I needed to take away from [the promoter], so I cancelled the rest of the dates that I had arranged with him … The tour was [originally scheduled] from 2 Nov to 5 Dec … but [the new promoter] brought another one-point-something worth of [extra] business to the table, so we added those extra dates, [but] once they began to unravel, I shut it down. Never was it due to any threats”.

Expanding on the gang threat rumours, he went on to explain, at length, that he was not afraid of any threats made against him on the internet – the key points being that “gangsters move in silence” and that Ross recently played a show in Chicago, where the Gangster Disciples were founded, and rather than being scared, he went on stage wearing an expensive fur coat. Footage of this, he stressed, is available on YouTube. “And if I go to Chicago to handle my business, like I did”, he said, “I have no problem going to North Carolina”.

So, there you go. You can watch Ross’s (lengthy) protestations in full here: