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Rising producer snubs the genius

By | Published on Wednesday 24 November 2010

Musical genius Chilly Gonzales has revealed that he approached rising electronic producer James Blake to ask him to remix his latest track ‘Never Stop’, which has been busy soundtracking an iPad advert of late, but was snubbed.

Gonzales thought a Blake remix of his latest single would be cool because the producer has covered one his songs, ‘The Limit To Your Love’, one of Chilly’s collaborations with Feist. Having heard from his “hipster friends” that Blake was big news, he thought having him remix one of his tracks, to accompany another rerub by Erol Alkan, would be kinda cool.

“So my people called his people”, Gonzales joked at a his gig at the Scala in London last night, “not that he has any people. I have people. Well, a manager and a part time assistant. But anyway, my people spoke to his non-people, and he said ‘no’. He snubbed Gonzo! He got my song, what do I get?”

Earlier he’d told 6music, according to Data Transmission: “So he thinks he can just come in and pilfer what he wants from my catalogue just because he’s flavour of the year. Well let me tell you James Blake, I was flavour of the year once… back in 2001! So you know, maybe you should reconsider”.

Back at the gig, one audience member shouted in answer to his ‘what do I get’ question “royalties”, to which Gonzales joked “Royalties?! You think James Blake sells records?”