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Rizzle Kicks love bees, hate wasps

By | Published on Wednesday 30 July 2014

Rizzle Kicks

Your mum’s favourite rapping pop duo and also mine, Rizzle Kicks, hate wasps, accusing them of being “fucking dickheads”. On the other hand, bees, in Rizzle Kicks’ dual minds, are the artists of the insect world. This is the way life is these days.

Yes, indeed, RK have set off a ‘beef’ with the winged, sting-ed insects (wasps). Stating the case for bees, the band’s Jordan tells Q Magazine: “Bees are almost honourable, man. Firstly they create some sweet, sweet honey. Which is fucking GREAT. Thanks, bees, for the honey. And if they sting you they die, so when it comes to stinging, they’re really passionate about what they do”.

And he adds: “They’re like passionate artists. Bees are like painters. All they do is give and give and give, and sometimes they give too much”.

But wait. Jordan says of wasps: “Wasps on the other hand are just cunts. No honey, no passion, they just go around stinging children just because they can. They’re fucking dickheads”.

Sometimes it’s good to try to think of things from your enemy’s point of view though. And here Jordan does just that: “I suppose given the choice I’d like to be a focused missile kind of wasp, just stinging the shit out of other cunts. Jeremy Clarkson in the eye. BANG! Fuck you!”

Harley, by the way, is scared of wasps. So now we all know a lot more than we ever desired to know on the topic of Rizzle Kicks and bees/wasps.