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Robbie Williams says Take That would totally have entered X Factor

By | Published on Tuesday 28 August 2018

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is a judge on ‘X Factor’ now, so the obvious question is, would he have entered the waning TV talent competition had it existed when he was looking for his big break in music? The obvious answer it “hell no”, but Williams is now in the employ of the show, and has appeared on it several times in the past as a guest, so he was more positive about it all.

“Take That didn’t have the option of being seen by ten million people each weekend”, he tells Digital Spy. “If we had have had that option, then we would have obviously grabbed it with five sets of hands. As it happens, these lucky people will have just that and they should grab the opportunity with both hands and make everything they can from it”.

So, just think, in another reality, Take That could have been the next One Direction. Or one of the other ones who dropped like a stone the moment the series was over.

Williams isn’t thinking about the longterm success of any of the contestants right now though, he’s totally focussed on his own shortterm achievement. Asked how likely he thought he was to mentor the winning act, he said: “Am I confident I can win? Give me any category and I’m confident I can win”.

So, at least he’s throwing himself into it. The show, after all, spent years trying to get Williams on the panel of judges and had to make do with Gary Barlow for a while. Barlow once said he couldn’t imagine Williams taking the job “having done the show and knowing how much time goes into it”.