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Roger Taylor won’t perform with hologram Freddie Mercury

By | Published on Tuesday 1 May 2012


When everyone was chatting about Tupac’s holographic guest appearance at Coachella recently, and speculation began as to what other dead artists might be resurrected on the live stage using the same ‘not-really-a-hologram’ technology, a lot of Twitter-chatterers predicted Brian May and Roger Taylor would be playing with a virtual Freddie Mercury by the end of the year, squeezing even more out of the Mercury-era Queen legacy.

But Taylor says no. Though he’s not opposed to other people performing Queen songs with a computer generated Freddie. And given the drummer is in the process of launching the officially-sanctioned Queen tribute show, which is set to tour the world with only very occasional guest spots from May and Taylor, that still means holograms could feature in official Queen ventures, if not when the remaining members of the band themselves play.

Asked about all the talk of a holographic Mercury joining him and guitarist May on stage, Taylor told reporters: “I would not like to perform with a hologram of Freddie. Were somebody [else] to use a hologram of Freddie I would have no objection, but [for me] it’s the real one or nothing. It doesn’t sit too well for me to appear with a hologram of my dear friend. But I think it is an amazing effect when used properly”.