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Rolo Tomassi use tenth anniversary to announce new album

By | Published on Thursday 19 February 2015

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi marked the tenth anniversary of their first gig yesterday by announcing details of their fourth album. Titled ‘Grievances’, it will be released through Holy Roar on 1 Jun.

Vocalist Eva Spence says: “At ten years in I feel more enthused than ever with where we’re at as a band. With ‘Grievances’, we followed on from the sound we developed on ‘Astraea’ and pushed that even more so to make an album we’re all really proud of and which I consider to be our best material to date”.

Her brother (and bandmate, obviously) James adds: “Creatively we wanted to do something ambitious and took our time in making sure the material was right. We tried new ways of writing including collaborating with other musicians for the first time to make sure we could capture the feel we wanted on this record”.

There’s no music to listen to or anything, but you could read this interview they did with The Independent.