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Rough Trade NYC to open in November

By | Published on Wednesday 18 September 2013

Rough Trade

Still aiming to ‘break’ the States, Rough Trade Retail has confirmed a 25 Nov opening date for its first American branch, as was first announced last spring. Based at a large – as in, thrice as big as Rough Trade East – warehouse space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (where else?), the store will have a zone for patrons to ‘chill’ and socialise, and a live area for free sets and ticketed shows promoted by The Bowery Presents.

Speaking to Billboard, Rough Trade’s Stephen Godfroy said that opening of the NYC shop had been delayed due to “numerous obstacles in the construction planning and building process”, and outlined his vision for the store, which – it hardly needs to be said – capitalises on the boom in vinyl sales going on of late: “The emphasis will be on music the art, not the commodity. In that respect, it will be true to our London stores, places where music and culture lovers of all ages and taste congregate and celebrate what it means to be independent”.

Showing big love for NY, he adds: “This city demands something truly special, and hopefully that’s what we can achieve in collaboration with the people that visit and go on to define the space over the months and years to come. The store is a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the joy and inspiration NYC has given us with its music and culture”.

To help explain to Americans what the experience of being inside one of its shops is like, Rough Trade has prepared this short animation: