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S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole says he was only hired to do interviews

By | Published on Wednesday 11 September 2019

S Club 7

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole reckons he was only ever hired for the group to speak to interviewers. This would explain why he was never asked to do anything as menial as singing during the pop outfit’s heyday.

“That got me down”, he tells The Guardian when asked about his lack of vocal contribution to the band’s music. He says that he was told that him singing would upset “the alchemy” of the group, with Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh left to handle that area of things in the main.

When he joined S Club, he adds, he was told by their management that they had “picked certain people to do certain roles”, adding: “I can only assume that mine was to answer questions in interviews. I was never asked to show, in the audition process, my singing, my ability to dance, my ability for anything, other than talking”.

And while, for pop set-ups in particular, it’s definitely good having members who are comfortable doing the media circuit when you have new records to sell, he notes that most of the magazines interviewing S Club at the time tended to ask questions along the lines of “So Paul, what’s your favourite colour?”

He may now be answering slightly more taxing questions in the media, but seventeen years after he quit the group, those questions are still usually S Club focused. “It was five years of my life”, he says. “I definitely thought, when I was 20, that by the time I was 40 it would be a done thing. And it’s not. I’ve been answering S Club questions for 20 years. It will be great – it will be bliss – to one day not have to, but it’s part of it, and I totally accept that”.

Of course, despite being the first to exit the group, he has been involved in various reunions (and attempted reunions) in recent years, and was a member of the ongoing S Club 3 venture from 2009 to 2015. All of which might have something to do with his continued association with the S Club brand. Either way, he does do good interviews. You can see more of him talking when he appears on Channel 4’s ‘First Dates Hotel’ tomorrow night.