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Samsung to close Milk Music next month

By | Published on Tuesday 23 August 2016

Milk Music

Samsung has announced that it will close its Milk Music streaming service in one month’s time.

Milk was originally launched in the US in 2014, powered by existing personalised radio service Slacker. It eventually launched in Australia and New Zealand too, as personalised radio services tend to, and seemed to be quite popular for a time (albeit among a small userbase). But last year Samsung began reducing the number of staff it had working on the service, and earlier this year there was speculation that it would be shut down completely.

Well, congratulations speculators, you correctly speculated that another streaming service was about to disappoint. Though, given that everyone is always speculating that streaming services are about to collapse into dust, it’s not that great an achievement. And, truth be told, Samsung music services are more likely to disappear than most.

In a statement, Samsung says that it will be “sun setting” Milk Music in the US on 22 Sep, having already done the same in other territories. Is “sun setting” valid as a verb? When did we have the meeting to decide that? Does it really sound that much better than “kicking this fucking disaster into a ditch”?

The statement continues: “We have made the strategic decision to invest in a partner model focused on seamlessly integrating the best music services available today into our family of Galaxy devices. We believe that working with partners will accelerate innovation, enhance device sales and provide amazing new experiences for our customers”.

So, prepare yourself for some amazing, dairy free experiences in the near future.