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Seal books busker as last minute support

By | Published on Monday 4 July 2016

Poppy Waterman-Smith

Having gatecrashed busker Poppy Waterman-Smith’s own set in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens, Seal then insisted that the very same busker do his job entertaining 2000 people at the city’s Bridgewater Hall that evening. What a bastard.

“I still feel a bit numb really like it hasn’t sunk in because it all happened so quickly”, Waterman-Smith told the Manchester Evening News of Seal’s imposition. “But obviously it was an absolute dream come true. He is one of my parent’s favourite artists so for me to be able to play with him and then support him, with my mum watching, was absolutely incredible. He was just such a lovely person”.

Lovely person? Bastard more like. So yes, Seal saw Poppy busking in Manchester, joined in, and then invited her to open for his show at the Bridgewater Hall later that day. OK, aright then, lovely person it is.

“I was on a walkabout today and heard the dulcet tones of this beautiful lady”, said the man himself while introducing his last minute guest support. “She was busking down town so I’m bringing her to you from the streets of your very own Manchester”.