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Second Tidal CEO steps down

By | Published on Wednesday 24 June 2015


So Tidal’s CEO is out the door. And yep, we know we reported that very story just 65 days ago, but his replacement is out the door too.

Of course it’s true that when Peter Tonstad replaced Andy Chen at the top of Jay-Z’s streaming service in April it was always meant to be an “interim” appointment. The aim, Tidal said, was for Tonstad – a former exec at the streaming firm’s former owners Aspiro – to implement his “clear vision for how the company is looking to change the status quo”. But I’m pretty sure that vision is yet to be implemented. Or did the status quo change when I wasn’t looking? It was probably something to do with Taylor Swift. Bloody Taylor Swift.

But worry not Pete, Team Tidal are awfully “thankful”. Said the streaming yesterday: “We are thankful to Peter for stepping in as interim CEO and wish him the best for the future. Tidal will be transitioning to a permanent CEO as part of our strategic plan to create a leading platform, and current executives in New York and Oslo will continue to lead our rapidly developing innovation and content initiatives until our new CEO is in place”.

It’s widely thought that Tidal will now appoint a US-based permanent chief exec, with most of the service’s strategic planning being seemingly led by the offices of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, rather than the streaming firm’s original Scandinavian HQ. My money’s on a goldfish called Steven. He’s the only member of the team able to forget THAT press launch.