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Shaun Keaveny to narrate Rockanory on Absolute Radio

By | Published on Tuesday 24 August 2021

Shaun Keaveny

As he presents his final shows for BBC 6 Music next month, Shaun Keaveny will also be popping up on rival station Absolute Radio. Although not to host a conventional radio programme. Instead he’ll be narrating a new scripted comedy series called ‘Rockanory’.

The series – which is backed by the UK government’s Audio Content Fund – consists of a number of stories based on apocryphal rock n roll legends co-written by comedian and broadcaster Jon Holmes, and is basically a radio version of his book ‘Rock Star Babylon’.

Absolute Radio says to “expect a good amount of high drama and out-loud laughter as Shaun recounts the very silly and utterly absurd fictional dramatisations of ‘Status Quo And The Kangaroo’, ‘Trying To Get Blood Out Of A Stone’, ‘Stairway To Hell’, ‘Taking Libertines’, ‘Aporkalypse Sow’ and ‘The Kiss And The Cow’”.

Each story will be aired in five minute chapters over a week, each night at 11pm, with an omnibus podcast then released every Friday.

Says Keaveny of the project: “The poetical confluence of real and imagined, the nexus betwixt fantasy, fallacy and fuckin silly rock and roll myth exploder…it is an hilarious pleasure to be part of ‘Rockanory’, especially since I’m not deemed sexy enough to do the ‘CBeebies Bedtime Stories’ gig after Tom Hardy”.

Holmes adds: “To be able to bring proper, built, scripted comedy to Absolute Radio for the very first time is a dream come true. To be fair, all of my dreams involve Shaun Keaveny, but neither the Audio Content Fund nor Absolute Radio were willing to get involved in any of the others”.

Bigging up the whole thing at Absolute Radio itself is Content Producer Paul Sylvester, who says: “Absolute Radio has built its reputation as the home of comedy on commercial radio and this expansion into scripted comedy is something we’ve always wanted to do”.

“As ever”, he goes on, “I’m grateful to the Audio Content Fund for supporting ambitious ideas and to Jon for such a brilliant concept. Shaun was our first-choice as narrator, after years of enjoying him announce Fi and Jane on the Fortunately podcast – oh and listening to him on the radio!”

The first edition of ‘Rockanory’ will air on 6 Sep.