Shazam user-base soars

By | Published on Wednesday 19 May 2010

Music identification whatnot Shazam has seen its user-base boom from 50 million to 75 million in the last six months, the London-based tech firm has announced. The company’s platform is now operational in 200 countries, and has also recently identified its one billionth track, which turned out to be David Guetta’s ‘Gettin Over’. Which is all jolly exciting.

Shazam chief Andrew Fisher told CMU: “2010 marks ten years of Shazam’s innovation and leadership. During this time, Shazam has become synonymous with music recognition and discovery on mobile phones. Shazam is now a brand that consumers know and trust and our one billionth tag is testament to our ever growing fan base of users that enjoy Shazam’s unrivalled music experience. In the future, our fans will continue to see further innovation from Shazam as we continue to expand our service and maintain our position as the most popular music application for mobile phones in the world”.