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Single review: Hyde & Beast – Never Come Back (Tail Feather Records)

By | Published on Friday 5 August 2011

Hyde & Beast

Hyde & Beast are a facially hirsute duo, perhaps better known as The Futureheads’ Dave Hyde and Golden Virgins’ Neil Bassett. If you’re expecting a jilting Futureheads-esque, call and response, post-punk aping affair on debut single ‘Never Come Back’, however, think again.

Interspersed with strident brass and sweet percussive embellishments, the song meanders and curls, somehow held together perfectly with its mumblingly catchy chorus.

Borrowing a hefty haze of wistfulness and languor, the guitar flourishes are unashamedly indebted to the Velvet Underground’s Loaded-era output. But rather than dirtying their deft fingers with junk and detritus a la Reed, Hyde & Beat take The Kinks for inspiration, removing their songs form the NYC gutter and into England’s green and pleasant village greens. EG