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Slacker woos users of now defunct Samsung music service Milk

By | Published on Thursday 22 September 2016

Milk Music

Samsung’s Milk Music service officially shuts down today, and we never did find out what possessed the electronics firm to call its streaming service Milk. We’ll just have to file that in the mystery box marked “eternal”. The mystery being eternal, not the service. No Samsung music service is ever eternal.

Although, the mainly US-based Milk Music was always powered by the existing personalised radio set up Slacker Radio, and that’s not going anywhere. And so the team at Slacker are suggesting that any remaining Milk Music subscribers just switch over to their platform, and go from being music milkers to slackers. Which does sound like much more fun. To help with that process, Slacker is offering Milk Music users a free fourteen day trial of its Plus service, plus it will move a user’s personal stations and song history from the Samsung service over to its set-up.

Says Slacker Radio CEO Duncan Orrell-Jones: “While we’re not commenting on Samsung’s decision to no longer support Milk Music, our hope is that the impact on users will be minimal. Milk Music has always been powered by Slacker Radio, and by switching over to Slacker, music fans can continue to enjoy the same personalised listening experience they’ve come to love through our unique programming, storytelling and curated stations. For users that want to check Slacker out, we’re giving them a free trial of Slacker Radio Plus”.