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Slayer’s ugly Xmas jumpers are still a thing

By | Published on Thursday 18 December 2014

Slayer's Christmas Sweater

As is now an age-old Christmas tradition of, oh, three entire years, Slayer have made available their highly unattractive ‘pentagram and skills’ Xmassy(ish) sweater, online.

It costs $89.99 (that 99 cents really is rich), and comes in sizes small to XXXL, so you can get one for all the family! Buy some for any (largish) children you know, just for laughs. Or you could wrap a cold little kitten in one. Or you could get six and throw them all straight in the bin because they are so horrific to look at. Or you could not buy any in the first place because they are 90 dollars each.

Any or all of the above options will do. Happy Christmas!