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Snapchat buys Voisey

By | Published on Monday 23 November 2020


While most content-sharing apps have been trying to make it easier of late for people to synchronise commercially released music into their user-generated videos, the next fad could well be adding tools that make it easier for those video makers to create their own music. Which is presumably why Snapchat has acquired music creation app Voisey.

We know of the acquisition because of some digging by Business Insider, which has noted that the UK start-up behind the Voisey app has changed its official address to that of Snap Inc’s London base, and appointed two Snap employees as its directors.

Voisey describes itself as “a mobile music creation app and community for creators”. Users can access backing tracks and beats, and vocal effects, in order to create recordings and videos, and also collaborate with other users on those creations.

These can then be “shared onto social media sites like Instagram” says the official blurb. Though presumably that’ll get updated at some point quite soon.

Quite what Snap will do with Voisey – ie will it seek to ultimately absorb the app’s tools into the main Snapchat app – remains to be seen. But it seems likely that there will be a boom in music creation apps – or, more to the point, the use of such apps – in the coming years.

And interestedly, whereas video-sharing apps adding sync tools is good news for the music industry because it means extra licensing income, a boom in music creation apps presents both opportunities and challenges.

One less talked about issue that is a big part of the ongoing “streaming isn’t working” debate is the huge quantity of music now available, and the ever increasing competition for artists and songwriters trying to make living out of their music. Tools that make it easier to make music, while on one level liberating, will only increase that competition. So that’s fun!