Song, By Toad to pit vinyl against beer in Record Store Day showdown

By | Published on Monday 8 April 2013

Song, By Toad's Beer v Records

Hard as it is singling out individual Record Store Day releases for special mention, this RSD venture involves beer so… that makes things easier.

Scottish label Song, By Toad is releasing its special RSD tracks via bottles of Edinburgh micro-brewery Barney’s beer. MP3 codes will be attached, a pair at a time, to four-packs of Barney’s ale. The same tracks, by Le Thug, Magic Eye, Plastic Animals and Zed Penguin, will also be available via a more traditional format, also in pairs, on clear red twelve-inch vinyl.

250 sets of beer and vinyl will go one sale, each priced at £12, to see, once and for all, what music fans love more: beer and binary code or good old fashioned vinyl.

Info on Song, By Toad’s ‘Beer v Records’ scheme is here, whilst this is a link to a list of all the tracks, LPs, rarities and EPs being released on Record Store Day, which this year falls on 20 Apr.