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Sony does deal hoping to spawn more Baby Sharks

By | Published on Wednesday 3 October 2018

Relentless / Pinkfong

If you’re a parent of young children, work has probably been your refuge from the tyranny of ‘Baby Shark’ in recent months. Every day, you sit at your desk, take a deep breath and relax into your endless inbox of emails. Free at last! Well, fuck you, the damn thing is here in your place of work now, because Sony’s Relentless label has entered into a partnership with its maker, a company called Pinkfong.

For anyone unaware, ‘Baby Shark’ is one of those unbelievably bad but incomprehensibly catchy children’s songs that course through YouTube like a virus. You cannot escape it. It will get you. And that’s how the video currently has over 1.7 billion views. In addition to that, 95,000 people have bought the fucking song as a single in the UK, breaking it into the Top 40, and it’s topped the Spotify viral chart the world over.

The good news is that its claw hold on your brain, and your children’s brains, may be close to coming to an end. The bad news is, that’s because Sony and Pinkfong reckon they can replicate the phenomenon many times over.

“I’m THRILLED to be in business with Pinkfong”, says Relentless MD Shabs Jobanputra “They are hugely talented creators with more than 4000 children’s songs and stories in their vast library and ‘Baby Shark’ is just the beginning. I’m very excited about what we will be able to achieve together”.

Pinkfong USA CEO Bin Jeong adds: “We’re very excited to be working with Sony Music’s Relentless Records. Shabs and his team’s expertise in the global music market and their enthusiasm for our work make them the perfect home for our music. They share our ambition and we look forward to working on hit records worldwide and establishing our entertainment brand as a global player”.

Fuck you all. Fuck everything. If this is what the internet has done for us, I don’t fucking want it. Do-do do-do-do-do.