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Sony drops R Kelly

By | Published on Monday 21 January 2019

R Kelly

Sony’s RCA label has reportedly dropped R Kelly, following years of pressure for it to do so. It’s the latest development linked to the ongoing abuse allegations against the star that has occurred since the airing of US TV documentary ‘Surviving R Kelly’. The news also follows protests outside Sony Music’s New York HQ last week.

According to Variety, Kelly is no longer contracted to RCA and he was removed from the label’s website on Friday. Sony Music has not commented on the move, but a source said that the major had taken time to assess the claims against the musician and ensure that the company could end their relationship with him while avoiding legal ramifications.

Kelly was still contracted to provide two albums to RCA. It had already been reported that new music had been shelved amid the ongoing scandal.

Sony apparently does not plan to formally announce its decision to part ways with Kelly. However, his manager, Don Russell, told Rolling Stone that various other labels are now “very interested” in working with the musician, which seemingly confirms that the RCA relationship has indeed ended.

Meanwhile, it transpires that Universal Music Publishing has also ended its relationship with Kelly. The company confirmed this to Billboard on Friday, although sources say that he was actually dropped from his publishing deal almost a year ago. However, the major music publisher still controls his catalogue, for now at least.