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Sony Music signs deal with Tencent in China

By | Published on Wednesday 17 December 2014

Sony Music

Sony Music has announced a partnership with Tencent, which will grant the Chinese internet company exclusive online rights to distribute the major label’s music in the country.

The deal covers both Chinese and international acts, and follows a similar deal between Tencent and Warner Music last month. It will see music placed on Tencent’s QQ Music service, which will also distribute tracks to other Chinese music platforms.

Tencent’s Senior Executive Vice President Downson Tong said in a statement: “We have had a relationship with Sony Music for many years, this is a step up, to develop the Chinese music market. The market in China is a evolving rapidly and through QQ’s massive userbase we can offer online and offline activity for Sony Music’s entire roster of artists”.

Tong added that piracy remained a problem in China, and that “a closer partnership between content owners and Tencent will help combat that”.

Sony Music Entertainment International CEO Edgar Berger called it a “landmark deal”, adding: “Through its advanced digital systems operations and huge customer base Tencent understands the amazing scope of the market for both Chinese and international artists. We share the vision that China can easily become within a relatively short period of time one of the world’s largest music markets and look forward to developing greater consumer engagement and services”.