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Soulja Boy blames Kanye West for other rappers dropping him from tracks

By | Published on Wednesday 8 December 2021

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has claimed that being dumped from the final version of Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ album – and a subsequent war of words about it – is having a negative effect on his career. In a new Instagram Live video, he says that other artists have now also dropped him from their tracks and that no one calls him to collaborate anymore.

“This is a public service announcement”, he says in the video. “None of you rappers call my phone no more, please. I’m begging y’all”.

Sidestepping the fact he’d just begged for work, he goes on: “Kanye, this is your fault. Before this ‘Donda’ album shit, nobody wasn’t trying Big Draco like that. Now you got Lil Yachty sending me songs, and taking me off the song. You got Stunna 4 Vegas sending me songs, and putting the songs out with Big Yavo and SSG Kobe [instead]. What is going on around here?”

Soulja Boy was one of the many, many rappers called in to contribute to West’s ‘Donda’ album, and also one of the more select group who were left off the final release.

Speaking to TMZ, Soulja Boy called West a “coward” for not directly telling him his verse would be cut. West then responded by saying in his controversial Drink Champs interview that he’d pulled Soulja Boy’s verse because it was “trash”. After hearing this, Soulja Boy went on Instagram Live to declare that the whole of ‘Donda’ was “trash”.

Whether this back and forth has resulted in Soulja Boy actually being dumped from other records is debatable. But whatever, it seems like he’s going through a bit of a bad patch.