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SoundCloud launches redesigned player

By | Published on Wednesday 29 January 2014


SoundCloud has launched a new “visual player”, which adds bigger photos to embedded tracks so that they, er, sound the same. But look nicer. I think the looking nicer is the key thing.

Other changes have also been made, including extending the feature that literally no one ever wanted or asked for – continuous listening. So that’s good. It means that when users listen to tracks on SoundCloud, when the one they wanted to listen to is over, ‘related’ tracks will automatically play. SoundCloud will select what those related tracks are, though content owners with premium accounts have some control over what related tracks will follow their content.

As previously reported, SoundCloud last week gained a new round of investment reportedly totalling $60 million. Rumours now abound that the service is looking to do licensing deals with labels, and will begin running advertising to generate revenues for the content owners. There certainly is a lot of room for adverts in that new player, and the continuous listening facility possibly suggests plans to become an ad-funded streaming service of a sort.