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SoundCloud partners with management firm Solid Foundation to launch A&R programmes

By | Published on Wednesday 23 February 2022


SoundCloud is further expanding its creator and artist services operations via a new joint venture with Atlanta-based management firm Solid Foundation that will “discover new talent and revolutionise artist partnerships by empowering creatives with bespoke resources, tools and access”. And why the hell not?

Under the deal, Solid Foundation’s parent company QC Media Holdings – probably best known for its Quality Control Music label – has invested in SoundCloud. The plan is that Solid Foundation – and its founders Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee and Pierre ‘P’ Thomas – will now look for artists on the Soundcloud platform to work with and invest in.

Together, they say, SoundCloud and Solid Foundation will “apply a combination of deep industry experience, proprietary data and insights, and resources to create custom A&R programmes for selected artists inclusive of development, distribution and marketing and artist services”.

Says SoundCloud President Eliah Seton: “Coach K and P are two of the most influential voices in music, having identified, developed and grown some of the most successful hip-hop acts of our time. With this deal, we’re bringing together SoundCloud, the largest A&R source on the planet, with the creative genius of Coach and P. We are excited to partner with them in this innovative way as together we amplify the voices of who’s next in music”.

Adds Thomas: “With our years of ear-to-the-street skills coupled with SoundCloud’s endless stream of talent and powerful data pointing to what is authentically bubbling up in the scene I can’t think of a better merging of passion, intel and skill sets to create countless new paths for emerging artists. We are beyond excited for this partnership”.

And Lee says: “There is nothing more important to our process than discovering new artists, so partnering with SoundCloud, one of the most important hotbeds of talent, is incredibly exciting to us. Their data merging with our time-tested way of cultivating and building artists will be a blend to be reckoned with!”

Artists Solid Foundation already works with include Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby and City Girls.