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Album Review: Sparrow And The Workshop – Crystals Fall (Distiller Records)

By | Published on Thursday 15 April 2010

Sparrow And The Workshop

Sparrow And The Workshop’s first full-length record isn’t quite as refreshing as it may first appear to be. Yes, there is plenty of the inspired, lust-filled, raw Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell type folk that we found on their two preceding excellent EPs. But by that, I partly mean that a lot of the album is made up of tracks taken directly off those extended-play releases. So, for more long-term fans, there is a disappointingly low amount of new songs on offer on ‘Crystals Fall’.

Still, for any newcomer, without the high expectations for new material, this is an excellent record of emotional acoustic rhythms, combining the vastness of American folk, through leading singer American Jill O’Sullivan, with the more grounded folkiness of her Celtic bandmates. The joys of hearing such timeless folk ballads as ‘The Gun’ or ‘Swam Like Sharks’ for the first time is something I envy. TM

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