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Spotify announces new merch sell-through partner

By | Published on Thursday 23 June 2016


Hey bands, now you can start selling your pineapple leggings right there from your Spotify profile courtesy of the groovy guys at Merchbar. Which is to say the streaming service has announced an alliance with the music merch platform, meaning it will start pulling in information about any products artists are selling via the firm.

“Selling merchandise is a simple way for you to connect with listeners and help fuel your career”, said Spotify yesterday. “Starting today, we’ll be working with Merchbar – which features the largest selection of artist gear on the internet – to display your merchandise on Spotify. Merchbar offers shirts, socks, and even pineapple leggings from over 35,000 of the world’s artists. Once your merch is listed, top products automatically populate on your Spotify artist page for fans to browse and buy”.

The aforementioned groovy guys at the Merchbar are “THRILLED” about the development, by the way.

“Today we’re THRILLED to announce a new partnership with Spotify that will create a massive new channel for artists to distribute and for fans to discover merch”, they blogged. “Ultimately increasing revenue for artists and creating even better discovery and shopping experiences for fans”.

They went on: “As Spotify’s official merch partner, Merchbar will power merch listings across the Spotify platform, and over the coming months we will be working closely together to create new merch discovery experiences for fans and new features for artists and merch companies of all sizes”.

If all these thrilling developments sound familiar, it’s because Merchbar is Spotify’s third partner in the merchandise space, having previously worked with Topspin and Bandpage to help artists upsell t-shirts and such like via the streaming platform. Those companies got bought by rivals of course – Beats Music and YouTube respectively – hence the new deal with Merchbar. Which will probably now get bought by Tidal next week.

Spotify celebrated its latest merch platform partner yesterday by going offline for a time. And why not, I say.