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Spotify launches app for kids

By | Published on Thursday 31 October 2019

Spotify Kids

Spotify has announced a new app called Spotify Kids, a version of the streaming service designed for children aged three and over. Currently the beta version of the app is available only in Ireland.

“Spotify is committed to giving billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by music and stories and we’re proud that this commitment now includes the next generation of audio listeners”, says Spotify’s Chief Premium Business Officer Alex Norström.

“We are excited to be expanding the Spotify Premium Family experience with a dedicated app just for our youngest fans”, he adds. “Spotify Kids is a personalised world bursting with sound, shape and colour, where our young listeners can begin a lifelong love of music and stories”.

The app will be available to children (or anyone who prefers to listen only to music for children) who have their own Spotify account as part of a family plan. As family accounts are only available as part of a paid subscription, that also means no advertising.

Exactly what content the kids can then access can be controlled by the parents, who can restrict what is available based on the child’s age. So an account for older children introduces access to some pop songs deemed appropriate for older children. That includes Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber.

“As we evolve the Spotify Kids experience over time, we plan to enhance parental control features to allow for even more customisation”, says Spotify in a blog post announcing the app. “We’ll also bring our audio expertise to the table with listening experiences that go beyond music – like more stories and audiobooks and eventually podcasts”.

Oh, of course, podcasts. The saviour of music streaming. Get the kids hooked on those early and everything will be OK.