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Spotify partners with Resident Advisor to expand gig recommendations

By | Published on Friday 21 February 2020


Spotify is further expanding its partnerships in the live space via a new alliance with electronic music website and ticket seller Resident Advisor. The tie-up will see Spotify users connected to shows on the Resident Advisor platform based on their music tastes and location.

Announcing the partnership, the two companies say that “by harnessing Spotify’s global platform to signpost Resident Advisor’s global event listings, fans will be able to more easily discover electronic music events featuring artists they love”.

Resident Advisor hopes the alliance with Spotify will help it further champion local music scenes in cities across the world. Says co-founder Nick Sabine: “The vitality of local scenes is essential for the sustainability and creativity of the global electronic music community”.

He goes on: “Our collaboration with Spotify is a brilliant evolution of the work we have been doing for almost two decades to support the work of the independent artists, venues and promoters which act as the pillars of those scenes”.

Spotify has partnerships with various live music and ticketing services, partly in order to inform its users of relevant shows in their local area, and partly so that it can be seen to be supporting artists beyond any royalties it pays for their streams.