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Spotify passes two million paying subscribers landmark

By | Published on Thursday 22 September 2011


Spotify now has over two million paying subscribers, according to the company’s top man Daniel Ek, who made the claim in an interview with CNBC, according to the Financial Times.

That means the streaming service has doubled its subscriber base in just six months. True, it was the six months during which Spotify severely reduced its freemium offer in Europe, resulting in a flurry of upgrades to premium accounts, and the six months during which it finally managed its long awaited US launch. But still, having the ability to turn free users into paying customers is key to Spotify’s success, and scoring 400,000 paying subscribers in the US in a quarter – despite being very late to the party – is quite an achievement.

Ek is in the US this week for Facebook’s much hyped f8 event, where the social network will announce details of its new music platform, which will include a Spotify service. The Facebook integration could help Spotify achieve its next subscriber landmark, though it will be up against most of its competitors on the Facebook Music platform, so it remains to be seen just how useful that partnership proves to be.