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Spotify unveils exclusive Coldplay live session

By | Published on Friday 16 December 2016


So, is this Spotify making steps towards becoming a record label in its own right, or a further sign of the streaming platform becoming a new-style radio platform, getting bands to play exclusive live sessions just like radio stations always have? If you can discuss that in no more than 1750 words and have your essays on my desk by 5pm, that would be great.

Coldplay and Spotify have just released ‘Coldplay Live From Spotify London’ exclusively on Spotify. It’s five tracks from Coldplay which, we’re guessing, were recorded live at Spotify London. Actually, we’re not guessing, that’s exactly what it is.

The “five-track collection of unique, stripped-back live recordings, performed in front of a small audience at Spotify’s London headquarters in November 2016” features unique, stripped-back live recordings of ‘Everglow’, ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Christmas Lights’. All stripped-back and live.

The exclusive session proves that Coldplay love Spotify and every single Spotify subscriber, despite then making said subscribers wait an extra week for their new album this time last year. And Spotify users love Coldplay back because, says the streaming platform: “Coldplay is the most-streamed band of all time on Spotify, and reached a total of five billion streams earlier this week”.

The release of the Spotify session follows Coldplay winning the much sought after Entirely Pointless Award at the BBC Entirely Pointless Awards earlier this week.