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Steve Aoki launches £3000 clubbing watch

By | Published on Tuesday 13 July 2021

Steve Aoki watch

It’s so long since we’ve been out clubbing now, you’ve probably forgotten about one of the most important parts of a night out dancing: knowing exactly what time it is. Luckily, Steve Aoki has teamed up with luxury watch maker Bulgari to make sure you’re never lost in the moment.

“But I want to spend my money on glowsticks”, I hear you whine, like a whiny little baby. Don’t worry, the face of this watch lights up really bright, so you can wave that around instead. Also, are you really thinking of spending £3050 on glowsticks? You’d have too many to hold! Better to spend that money on a watch that has Steve Aoki’s logo on its face.

“I think one of the most important things that denotes who I am is nightlife”, Aoki tells Bloomberg. “I thrive at night. My parties are live at night, my shows. So we wanted to make the watch something you wear when you go out and get active at night. That’s what the Super-LumiNova is all about. It’s just that glowing pop”.

Super-LumiNova is a super bright photoluminescent pigment often used on watch faces, if you were wondering. If you even cared about watches a little bit you’d know that. And the key point is, this Aoki watch has loads of the stuff.

Aoki also reckons that this is the perfect watch to treat yourself to as things begin to open up post-pandemic and people start to come together again.

“What a time – no pun intended – to drop something like this”, he says. “That feeling of hope and optimism and connection with people. It never gets old. It’s always new and fresh”.

That’s right, this watch will bring people together. And if you think that’s some bullshit Aoki made up on the spot, you’re wrong. There’s definitely been a marketing meeting about it.

How do we know this? Because Bulgari concurs. “Like a flash in the night”, the watch maker says in the blurb on its website, “the timepiece asserts itself in the darkness with a glorious radiance serving as a reminder that light always triumphs over obscurity”.

Anyway, now is the time – TIME! I INTENDED THE PUN! – to take all that glowstick money you saved up over the last year and a half and drop every last pound of it on a luxury watch. Check it out here.