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Survey suggests Irish politicians favour Beyonce

By | Published on Wednesday 15 March 2017


Politics sure is one fucked up place right now, what with all of our politicians banging their faces into the wall like clockwork mice wound up by Vladimir Putin. As a result, there’s an overwhelming and understandable urge to disengage.

But that is the opposite of what we should be doing right now. This is the time to connect with our political representatives. Which is why it is commendable that The Daily Edge’s Amy O’Connor last week wrote to every single member of the Irish parliament to ask if they like Beyonce and what their favourite song of hers is.

“Last week, I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when it occurred to me that I didn’t know what any of our politicians thought of Beyonce”, writes O’Connor. “Do they like her? Do they know who she is? Do they engage with her music? Do they own ‘I CAME TO SLAY’ merchandise? Politicians were getting away with keeping their views on Beyonce to themselves and it was up to me to get to the bottom of it”.

So, she drafted a simple questionnaire to send to all 158 of Ireland’s Teachtaí Dálas (which is Irish for ‘MPs’).

1. Do you like Beyonce?
2. If you answered YES, what is your favourite Beyonce song?
3. If you answered NO, why don’t you like Beyonce?

In all, 37 TDs responded to the survey. Not sure what the other 121 were doing, but of those who replied, a majority claimed to like the former Destiny’s Child leader. Some even displayed knowledge beyond a panicked Google search. Some even claimed some affinity with her.

“Like most people I’m a huge fan of Queen B, to paraphrase Kanye she’s’ ‘one of the best of all time'”, wrote Fianna Fáil’s Declan Breathnach, for example. “After a long day in the Dáil, putting my feet up and treating myself to some old school Destiny’s Child is one of my favourite ways to unwind. ‘Survivor’ would have to be my favourite song of hers, what an anthem! It almost describes the life of a politician ‘I’m not gon stop, I’m gon work harder, I’m a survivor'”.

You should try reading that again while looking a picture of Declan Breathnach. It really adds something.

Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams said that he could not respond due to “time constraints”. And yet he has time to tweet about Christmas cake. Although, I guess given that it’s March that does suggest he has something of an admin backlog.

You can read all the responses here and wonder when British politicians might stop focussing on this daft Brexit thing and concentrate on more important things like this.