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Take That want Robbie and Jason back for 25th anniversary

By | Published on Thursday 23 February 2017

Take That

Take That are hoping to get that there Robbie Williams and the man they call Jason Orange back for a 25th anniversary show later this year. Though they, like you, aren’t entirely confident of their chances of making that happen.

Williams, of course, never fully rejoined the band’s reunion, though he did do one tour with them. Orange, meanwhile, left the group in 2014.

Speaking to Magic FM, Howard Donald explained: “From when we very first started it’s [actually] 27 years, but from when we released music it’s the 25th, we’re gonna wait for that one. We’re gonna hopefully maybe get Robbie on board, get Jason on board. Who knows? It might be the 30th anniversary we end up celebrating”.

Then Mark Owen chipped in: “By the time we get everybody on board it might be the 50th!”

It’s actually coming up to 26 years since the release of the group’s first single, so there’s possibly less time to organise that celebration than they realise. But hey, in this post-fact age, who really cares about the maths? Just keep saying it’s the 25th anniversary of something until everyone agrees to get on board, I reckon.

Take That’s new single, ‘Giants’, is out now, by the way. Their second album as a trio, ‘Wonderland’, it out on 24 Mar.