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Talib Kweli looks to Patreon to fund next album

By | Published on Wednesday 15 July 2020

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli has announced that he is funding his next album through crowdfunding site Patreon. Fans who contribute $5-25 a month through his profile on the site will get a look into his creative process over the next year, and early previews of tracks that will appear on the finished record.

“I am considered an underground rapper”, says Kweli. “My lyrics critique the status quo. On paper, I was not supposed to be a successful artist. I succeeded in spite of the odds because I was always able to go around the industry and connect with my fans directly. When the music industry told me ‘no’, I built an industry around myself”.

“Working with Patreon is the next step in this evolution”, he continues. “Patreon was created by artists for artists. I am proud to be born who I am, but my chosen tribe consists of artists and people who love art. Sharing my art on Patreon allows me to connect with my tribe in amazing and innovative ways”.

Other perks for those who put in money are monthly Q&As with Kweli, signed vinyl and more. See his profile and the incentives on offer here.