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Taylor Swift settles with clothing company

By | Published on Wednesday 11 November 2015

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has settled a legal dispute with US clothing company Blue Sphere out of court. The company accused her of infringing its ‘Lucky 13’ trademark by putting the phrase on her own merch. She had previously stated in interviews that thirteen was her lucky number, though apparently not in this case.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blue Sphere’s lawsuit was originally filed in May 2014 and was set to go to trial in January next year. However, as the court date drew closer it appeared that certain aspects of Swift’s business affairs were set to be brought up during the hearing which might have been embarrassing for the star. In particular, the plaintiff’s had been investigating details of a number of her endorsement deals.

Swift’s legal team had also been trying to prevent the singer from having to give a deposition – so, a pre-hearing testimony – claiming both a busy tour schedule and “harassment” in an attempt to ward off Blue Sphere’s lawyers. However, in August the court said that Swift would have to give the deposition, though a date for this had not yet been reached before the settlement was agreed.

Details of the settlement have not been made public.