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The Cook Islands mint up some AC/DC coins

By | Published on Monday 16 September 2019


Any old pop star or music festival can have their own stamps these days, but what about coins? I mean, who uses stamps in the digital age? But we all still use coins, right? I don’t care how many contactless Apple Pay credit card Bitcoin PayPal payment mechanisms you currently employ, sometimes you still need to pull some coins out of your pocket. So if you are going to properly pay tribute to music makers, do it with coins I say.

So hurrah for The Cook Islands in the South Pacific, who have released two new coins honouring good old AC/DC. It’s not even the first time they’ve done it. The new coins are actually the third and fourth in a series being minted for the island by an outfit called CIT Coin Invest AG. And The Cook Islands aren’t even unique in making AC/DC money, The Royal Australian Mint having released two coins in honour of the band last year too.

The new coins specifically celebrate the band’s 1981 album ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)’ – that’s on a two dollar coin – and 1990’s ‘Razors Edge’ – which is on coin worth ten dollars. It’s not clear if there’ll be even more AC/DC coins as part of this series. But there you go artists of the world: if you’re struggling to make money out of music, maybe you could make money out money.