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The O2 has another go at making its clubbing space work

By | Published on Wednesday 14 August 2013

Building Six

In a case of third time lucky, management at AEG’s The O2 complex have teamed up with London Warehouse Events to try to make a go of the big dome’s clubbing space, now apparently called Building Six.

It’s the area previously operated by both Fabric, as Matter, and the Proud group, as Proud2. Despite being generally well received as a venue by acts and clubbers alike, both Fabric and Proud struggled to make the space work, mainly because of location issues.

While people are willing to hike East for a big concert, Londoners seem less keen to head to the dome for a night of clubbing, mainly because once the decent tube connections stop for the night, it does feel like you’re parked in the middle of nowhere.

The O2 GM Rebecca Kane told Music Week: “I am very excited at the prospect of working with LWE to deliver some cool events in Building Six – our newest space within The O2. The high profile club nights the promoter is renowned for delivering are a perfect fit for the warehouse-style space the venue offers. This deal also highlights the diversity of entertainment offered at The O2”.

Meanwhile LWE Director Will Harold added: “This is a great thing for London’s club scene right now. Promoters have been struggling to find the spaces they need to accommodate the level of talent there is out there. Dance music is growing and this is the perfect venue to take it to the next level, specially with the amazing body sonic dancefloor and layout, this makes it the perfect space for any event”.